Business Strategies for the New EU Digital Regulations

DORA The Digital Operational Resilience Act addresses potential systemic risk concerns arising from the prominent role of critical ICT service providers in the financial sector. DGA The Data Governance Act is expected to make more data available and facilitate data sharing across sectors and EU countries AI ACT The EU Artificial Intelligence Act is a… Read More »

Are business process discovery tools worth the cost and effort? – IDC Digital Leadership Community

Mark Dowd, Managing Partner of IDC’s Executive Advisory Service, opened the call, thanking everyone for joining along with some insights from the Analyst Industry report. Using extensive research, IDC predicts that companies that use mining tools are 20% more profitable than their peers that don’t use these tools. Projects show that 74% of organizations that… Read More »

Macroeconomic Influences on Cloud Adoption for Businesses

If we focus on the inflation environment – where we see the earliest effects on the industry in terms of economic stress – we gain valuable insight into why we are seeing budget constraints in the IT sector. Companies that run or consume cloud environments have felt inflationary pressures, first in the form of higher… Read More »

Why is it time to invest in workplace management solutions?

A workplace management solution A platform that uses advanced software and other integrated systems that provide high efficiency for space and energy use, increase employee productivity and enhance the overall employee experience in an attractive, modern, safe and practical work environment. Organizations need a robust set of workplace management tools to give them the flexibility… Read More »

IDC Energy Insights’ Top 10 Utility Forecasts Worldwide

We just released the yearbook Top 10 predictions for utilities worldwide. The predictions allow the IDC Energy Insights team to reflect on the current year and what the future holds for the industry. This year, to be fair, there was a lot to think about. 2022 brings us the worst energy crisis in a generation,… Read More »

How to succeed at every stage of your company’s Smart Manufacturing journey

The ongoing wave of global disruptions has highlighted the importance of digital transformation (DX) in manufacturing organizations. During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, it became clear that digitally mature companies responded better to disruptions than their less digitized peers. As the manufacturing sector faces global uncertainty – with rising inflation, energy crises, raw material… Read More »