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Telco Digital Transformation Cloud Adoption Role

5G, IoT and Edge Driving Telcos to Adopt Platform Architecture A key theme in the telecom market is that the growth of 5G, IoT and the Edge network is driving telcos to consider new platform architectures and ecosystems to deliver the right solutions for customers. Telcos are looking for smarter ways to monetize their network… Read More »

2 main challenges of European manufacturers

We recently hosted an Advisory Board meeting of senior executives from European manufacturing organizations to understand the latest topics or challenges they are dealing with. Two main challenges On their lists were energy prices and cybersecurity, how the two intersect, and the role technology can play in overcoming the obstacles these threats pose. Energy prices… Read More »

How telcos are changing in Europe: technology, services and customers

the connection is a defining feature of the modern digital economy. The ubiquity of mobile and landline connectivity has enabled new digital economic models that became part of people’s daily lives until the COVID-19 pandemic prevented digital interactions. Ubiquity and continuous use have made communication a critical commodity, paradoxically finding it difficult for telcos to… Read More »

How Enterprise Medical Imaging Moves Away from Siled Care

Medical imaging in the enterprise (EMI) is more than just technology. It is a set of enterprise-wide strategies, initiatives, workflows, and solutions to consistently and optimally capture, index, manage, store, distribute, view, exchange, analyze, and manage all medical imaging data and content across multiple settings. It exists to eliminate traditional imaging silos by aligning imaging… Read More »

Multicloud and In-Premises – IDC Digital Leadership Community

In this Digital Leaders Community session, we have Nutanix and IDC Metri experts ready to share their expertise with the community. As usual, the interactive session began with community participants discussing why they joined. Digital leaders from across Europe had a variety of interests, including one company making the decision to move to the cloud,… Read More »

A life story approach to refugee management

This year, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees announced that for the first time in the world the number of forcibly displaced people exceeded 100 million. This means that one in every 78 people has been forced to leave their homes. The number of internally and externally displaced people due to weather-related disasters, famine… Read More »