Multicloud and In-Premises – IDC Digital Leadership Community

By | August 24, 2022

In this Digital Leaders Community session, we have Nutanix and IDC Metri experts ready to share their expertise with the community.

As usual, the interactive session began with community participants discussing why they joined. Digital leaders from across Europe had a variety of interests, including one company making the decision to move to the cloud, some with plans based on different workload maturity, and others wanting to hear from their peers who were already on board. moved to the cloud.

One community organization described how it is completely cloud-based. Did it save money? The participant emphasized that the CFO and finance team must understand that opex will increase. It is necessary to make sure that finances also see savings. They talked about how the space doesn’t need a data center to be used as an office. They concluded that FinOps is challenging, but especially important, as costs are difficult to predict as more people move to the cloud.

Nutanix has many customers moving to the cloud and will see how cloud costs evolve for customers. Nutanix expert Steen Dalgas helps companies determine the TCO of cloud and other environments. Cloud is great for companies in innovation/growth mode — renting capacity when you don’t know which parts will work. It is better to keep the mature areas in place because it is more economical.

Comparable to on-premise infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Platform as a Service (PaaS) is very different and difficult to compare on a local basis. Repatriation from PaaS is also very difficult. Most of the cloud now is IaaS, but PaaS is starting to dominate.

Note – participants generally agreed”By moving to the cloud, you don’t get rid of problems, you just move them elsewhere.

This was followed by a discussion on cloud-related skills. One participant noted that they are outsourcing the skills they need to key suppliers. Some people feel safer in the cloud than on the ground. However, the cloud allows people to be lazy – data leaks and sloppy code are examples – the problem here is that the cloud can get expensive very quickly.

There is a huge demand for FinOps – managing different environments, deciding which workloads to use in which environments. And this is a key skill along with internal cloud management software skills; Cloud purchases by users on company credit cards can be important if they don’t understand variable costs and security issues.

Can you ban people from using the cloud in a meeting, or do you educate people about the costs and get on with it? You need to monitor cloud accounts very carefully, to train people, you need people who know cloud business models. There are a lot of questions to ask about cloud invoicing and know what’s going on internally.

One suggestion was that business people should know that what they do costs money. Ideally, make sure the costs go directly back to the users. This can be done by tagging cloud resources with an application name, environment name or resource tag, so you know who is using what and at what cost. One comment is that, unfortunately, sometimes even IT doesn’t know how the cloud business model works.

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