Why and how use cases are important in the digital business age

By | October 6, 2022

We define a digital business Value creation as a business based on the use of digital technologies, including:

  • Internal and external processes
  • How the organization interacts with customers, citizens, suppliers and partners
  • How to attract, manage and retain employees and talent
  • What products, services and experiences it provides and how

As such, digital is central to organizations, from the core of the business to the various parts that make up the wider business. But why are use cases important? What is their role in digital business?

The answer is simple. Because use cases are discretely funded projects to support business goals using key enabling technologies, use cases are important building blocks that help them become digital businesses.

IDC EMEA Future enterprise sustainability researchOctober 2021 (n = 430) 60% of EMEA companies say use cases are important for creating digital strategies and roadmaps, but shows that organizations need to understand how to build and execute them for the business.

As you read this blogpost, many CEOs lost in the “ocean of usability” are asking themselves and their boards the following questions:

  • What basic resources should we have?
  • Who should manage them?
  • What technology investments should we make?
  • How will we measure the results of this project?

How can organizations answer these questions? Using an all-purpose framework such as IDC’s Use Case Canvas (to watch Digital Transformation Use Cases in 2022: “Use Cases” for the Top 10 Use Cases in EMEA).

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